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Visual communication

GDA began life in 1982 as a graphic design studio. Today, we are using the 29 years of experience we have acquired since then to produce effective, creative solutions for a wide range of clients across the full spectrum of visual communications.

The great majority of our clients have been using our services consistently for more than a decade, relying on us to help them respond to every new opportunity to expand and improve their communications as markets and technology continue to change with increasing rapidity.

We've grown and developed with our clients, so today we can be confident that we can offer you a service that will meet all your demands, and a track record that gives you the confidence to trust us to deliver for you in every aspect of successful visual communication.

  • strategic planning support
  • creative development
  • branding
  • corporate identity
  • corporate literature
  • design to print
  • print management
  • web design and development
  • website management
  • digital communication





What makes us different

What makes us better? Why would you consider using GDA? We ask ourselves these questions constantly, to make sure we're giving all our clients the right answers. The short answer is that the reason our clients use us is because we have our priorities right. We are a design-led service company that focuses on the success we can help you achieve, and the difference we can make to your business results.

We are passionate about the quality of the design work we produce, but our overriding priority is always to produce design solutions that serve your interests as effectively as possible. We know that you are competing in a ruthlessly competitive environment. You need design and service that helps to give you a winning edge over the competition, a faster and more accurate response to change and opportunity, a more compelling voice, a more arresting impact in a crowded marketplace.

We have built wonderful, long-term relationships with many clients. But we know they don't use us so consistently because they like the colour of our eyes or the coffee we offer them.

We work for them because... we work for them.


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